North American Auctioneers


I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you did with selling our building on Bysham Rd. Woodstock. After having the property on the market for more than a year with nothing and then auctioning it for $300,000 more than we were previously asking was fantastic! Even when we were running into problems with our own board, you showed up at our board meeting to calm who needed to be calmed and made sure everyone of us knew exactly what was going to happen step by step. I wish you all the best for the future and welcome any calls from potential sellers you may be working with.

Thanks for all of your help and advice in selling our funeral home in Dresden which finally allowed us to start our retirement. You’ve been a professional every step of the way and we are very happy we called you.
Tom and Linda

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional way you sold my condominium. Not only did you sell the property, but, when problems arose, which were not created by you, you took the situation in hand and guided me through. This was above and beyond your responsibilities. I cannot tell you how much you helped me, as an absentee owner. When I related the situation to my lawyer, he was very impressed and that is why he asked to meet you. Having a knowledgeable professional such as yourself, is an exception in to-days business world.

We would strongly recommend to the potential customers to consider Anchor Real Estate Investment Crop. as their top choice of agency in the rental and housing market.

We had the property on the market for over 12 months with a National Real Estate Brokerage and in those 12 months the Realtor did not bring me a single offer or even after show the property. We went ahead with all of your suggestions and after marketing the property for only 45 days we had 9 offers for the property and sold the property for very good price to a Toronto buyer.
Shirley & Dan

Throughout the entire process, you and your staff were always there to answer any questions we had, and offered us sound and professional advice. You made everything so very much easier and smoother for both Lynn and me. I have been in the hospitality industry throughout my career and know what exceptional service is all about. You certainly provided us with that excellence in service.

After having our property on the market for seven years without being able to sell, Mike auctioned our property and had it sold in about 45 days for only $1000 less than what we were asking. He was able to generate interest in our house for the first time in 7 years!
John & Cleopatra

Your advice about the cost of the home and your expertise on condition of the house were invaluable. Because we purchased that home before we sold the first house, we felt that we needed to sell quickly and for the right amount. You were reassuring and calm. We were pleased with the number of viewings you procured for us, and we were able to sell the house for an amount we were pleased with. Your recommendations about “staging” our home for sale were well received and very much appreciated– the house never looked so good! We would be pleased to (and have) highly recommend your services to anyone planning to buy or sell any property.
Judy & Chris

Mike, I am sending this letter to express our appreciation for your services. It is evident that auctioneering comes very naturally to you. Thank you again for your services and I’d been more than happy to act as a reference for any such future endeavors you may undertake of this nature.

Four years ago when you sold us our first home you had stressed that we should buy smart to ensure that we will have ample down payment when it came time to sell and buy our second home. Well it worked, you sold our 1st home for more than what we were asking and we’re left with plenty of down payment for the purchase of our new home in Dorchester. We have really enjoyed working with you and your patience and expertise has helped us make some great decisions all along the way.

I was pleased with your quick and professional responses to my inquiries and for always being available to meet with me. This made the two transactions easily completed. My new home is exactly what I was looking for and I would definitely recommend your office to anyone interested in purchasing or selling a property.

For the majority of people the purchase or sale of home is the single biggest investment made in their lifetime. It is refreshing to know someone that treats it that way and not just as figures on pieces of paper. I am convinced by the way you handled the whole process, which didn’t end once the paper was signed, that you do not look at this as just a business deal and the personal involvement you put forth shows genuine concern for the individual.

We would work with Mike again in a heartbeat, and have recommended him to everyone that we know. In fact, our family members that don’t live in London (Barrie and Sarnia) wish that Mike could help them with their new home!! He wouldn’t have achieved that level of trust without being a genuine person, a hard worker, and a talented professional. The night that we closed on our new home, our close friends and family gathered to celebrate with us. We were honored that Mike was there -with us all the way, to support us right until the end!
Kelly & Mike

Overall, I found Michael and his staff to be outgoing ,friendly ,professional and very knowledgeable .I was pleasantly surprised when he also called me twice after the closing date to do a follow-up and make sure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend Michael anyone who was thinking of renting, buying or selling. He is definitely a leader in his field.