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Sell Your Ontario Recreational Property at Real Estate Auctions

As the majority of cottages are sold in the spring and summer months, cottages and recreational properties are often listed for off and on for several years before they are sold. Each spring cottages go on the market all over Ontario hoping that THIS year it will sell. The reality is that each year there are also more and more cottages on the market and buyers have more and more choices. Most traditional Real Estate brokerages will advertise your property on MLS and on their board in front of their office and if you’re lucky a few newspaper ads. Recently with an auction of a cottage we sold in Rosseau, Muskoka we not only had newspaper ads we also had 4 hours on a local radio station the Moose promoting the cottage with an on site radio host at our open house. Not only was it an open house it was a FULL house. We sold this cottage to Colin McAlister and Justin Ryan or the HGTV’s show Colin and Justin’s Home Heist.

At North American Auctioneers we have been selling cottage and recreational properties for individuals, estates and corporations since 2001. Our marketing plans focus on your property alone and are directed not only in the area of the cottage but in all of the major cities where where the cottage owners reside. Our first cottage auctioned was a year round waterfront cottage in the Haliburtons. There were 43 registered bidders each with $20,000 certified deposits in hand all bidding against each other for the property. Imagine 43 people with certified cheques and financing in place all bidding for your property! The property was sold and closed within 60 days! That’s what a proper marketing campaign can do when you focus on only one property alone.

Whether a waterfront cottage, cabin in the woods or a wood lot, give us a call or email and see what our extensive marketing campaigns can do for you. Most properties are sold within 45 days, cash, no conditions, with closings of 2 weeks to 2 months. And remember, you set the minimum price you will accept and if we don’t meet it you under no obligation to sell.