North American Auctioneers


Sell Your Ontario Industrial Property at Real Estate Auctions

As you may be familiar as an owner of an industrial property, selling these properties can be very difficult and expensive. Most often list time to date of sale ratio can be very long and offers are often complicated with buyers sometimes asking for conditional periods spanning months,only to drop out of the deal just when you thought all conditions would soon be met.

At North American Auctioneers we have been successful in selling many of these properties in a matter of months, with closing periods of 60 days or less in most cases. We have sold a number of industrial properties that have sat on the market as long as 12 years, as was the case for one London, Ontario manufacturing plant which we sold in 40 days with no conditions,  a quick closing and for 91% of asking price.

If you’re tired of the list and wait and the long list of conditions when you finally do receive an offer of traditional Real Estate brokerages, contact us and we can complete a marketing proposal for your property that will attract the target buyers to your property with cash who are ready to buy now.