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Sell Your Ontario Commercial Property at Real Estate Auctions

Not interested in having your property on the market for 6 months to several years without a sale? Conventional Real Estate brokerages will usually sign sellers into long term listing contracts and explain to you that selling commercial properties is difficult and often requires months or years to sell. And they’re right! If the most amount of marketing your going to do is an occasional ad in a commercial paper bunched with many other properties and drop it into the MLS, it will take months or years.

At North American Auctioneers we’ve sold commercial properties that have sat on the market for as long as 12 years with conventional Real Estate brokerages. Retail malls, office buildings, churches, bare commercial land, OHL hockey arenas, you name the type of commercial property and we’ve probably sold it, and in a fraction of the time of traditional Realtors. Our marketing plans focus on your property alone. We’ve had our sellers properties advertised on TV, on front pages on news papers, radio talk shows, and more. And most of this advertising has been for free! The news media always wants a story and we’ve got the marketing team to bring the story to them. Your property can also be listed on the MLS ICX service through our affiliated Real Estate brokerage Anchor Real Estate Investments Corp. where over 50% of our properties sell prior to auction date.

If your tired of waiting, or don’t want to start waiting and just want the property to be sold, no conditions, cash, contact us. We’ll get started on a marketing campaign to have your property sold in most cases within 45 – 60 days, with closing of 60 – 90 days, as is, where is, cash. And remember, you set the minimum price you’re willing to accept, and if we don’t meet your minimum price you are under no obligation to sell.