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Welcome to North American Auctioneers where we’ve been selling Real Estate by auction since 1999. From small homes to Airports, from Windsor to the Eastern Townships of Quebec and everywhere in between we have sold them and sold them faster than everyone else. If you’re tired of the traditional way of selling Real Estate and are looking for an alternative that works call us at 1-877-672-6604 or fill out our contact form Chances are we have a representative in your area who can walk you through the auction process on how we will have your property sold in 45 days or less, with a cash offer and quick closing.

If you’d like to see past examples of homes and other properties we’ve sold via auction, check out our Auction Listings page.

If you are a buyer and would like to be included in our auction notifications please enter your info on our contact form

Whether you want to sell your farm, business, home, warehouse/industrial building, or cottage, our Ontario team can create a winning strategy for selling your real estate fast and unconditional.


You’re In Control

  • You set the reserve price (minimum acceptable price) of your property
  • You set the date of sale ( as soon as 21 days)
  • You set the closing date ( as soon as 14 days after sale)
  • You set terms of sale before sale date (usually no conditions, cash sale)
  • You set viewing times and dates in advance ( no more calls to view at 5pm)
  • Buyers compete against each other to buy your property
  • Buyer must be pre approved before bidding (cash sales)
  • Buyers must submit large deposits prior to recieving bidders card
  • Buyers must adhere to all conditions sellers set for sale (no negotiating)
  • Buyers usually pay commission on sale of property not seller

Targeted Marketing

  • We focus on marketing your property alone
  • We submit a marketing proposal for your property prior to listing for auction
  • We create urgency for buyers to attend and buy property
  • We monitor each and every ad
  • We sell your property when you want, for what you want or more, and close fast
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